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Rococo: Louis XV

Product: LXV003

Painting Frames Plus Ready Made Frames Separator Graphic
Rococo: Louis XV Style Frame LXV003
Moulding Width: 4-1/4", Depth: 2-3/8"; Rabbet Width: 3/8", Depth: 3/8"
  • This closed corner frame is made-to-order and build time is typically between 14 and 28 days.
  • Frame constructed from American grown kiln dried wood.
  • Polyurethane ornaments are molded from hand carved, superbly detailed master frame.
  • Multiple frame finishes available.
  • Finishes are manually applied giving each frame a unique look and hand-crafted appearance.
Painting Frames Plus Ready Made Frames Separator Graphic


STEP 1 : Select Frame Finish




Espresso Tuscany, Black and Brown Undertone005Espresso Tuscany, Black and Brown Undertone
Medium Antique Gold, Red Rub010Medium Antique Gold, Red Rub
Medium Antique Gold, Black and Red Rub012Medium Antique Gold, Black and Red Rub
Broken Leaf Silver013Broken Leaf Silver
Light Antique Gold036Light Antique Gold
Antique Gold, Broken Leaf, Red Undertone055Antique Gold, Broken Leaf, Red Undertone
Medium Antique Gold, Black Highlights081Medium Antique Gold, Black Highlights
Espresso Tuscany, Black with Brown Undertone, Slight Water Spots084Espresso Tuscany, Black with Brown Undertone, Slight Water Spots
Dark Gold, Crackle090Dark Gold, Crackle
Coppery Crackle, Black Undertone091Coppery Crackle, Black Undertone
Light Antique Gold, Black and Red Undertone100Light Antique Gold, Black and Red Undertone
Light Antique Gold, Red Undertone118Light Antique Gold, Red Undertone
Antique Champagne Silver238Antique Champagne Silver
Dark Antique GoldDDark Antique Gold
Antique GoldGAntique Gold
Base Primer Only, WhitePBase Primer Only, White
Light Antique SilverSLight Antique Silver

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** Frame weights are for reference only. (Weight data extrapolated from sample frames of different sizes. Actual frame weight can vary +/- a pound or two on smaller frames to several pounds on the largest frames. Factors that effect weight are: Wood type and material density, amount and type of hand applied finishes and general construction tolerances.)